• NAME: SBR Latex

1.  Brief Introduce   The special butadiene-styrene latex for bitumen modification (SBLB) is a type of anion latex which produced by latex polymerization. It can enhance the performance of flexibility, wearability, anti-impact and anti-chap, as well as improve the melting ropy flow at high temperature.
2   Product Application The product is mainly used in road paving, waterproof engineering, and bitumen waterproof materials ect.
3.   Technical value




Milk white

solid content (%)


viscidity (mPa.s)




Stability of machining (5min,%)




4.   Package & Transportation: 
 The package and storage for latex is in galvanized metal pail or plastic barrels. Users can pick up goods in clean buckets or in tank transportation by cart. This product needs to be sealed in clear and cool place and away from sunning and frostbite. 5℃-30℃ is the best temperature for transportation, and the storage period should be better around 6 months since the date of production, once more than six months, it can still be used under detection of eligible.

  1. Attention

5℃-30℃ is the appropriate storage temperature; Once that was less than 5℃ degree centigrade, need to take heat preservation. Additionally, avoid long-term parking or the latex can be frosted. 
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