1. Introduction
The liquid carboxyl-terminated butadiene acrylonitrile is one type of liquid rubber which has carboxyl group as it’s function group, and it’s code is CTBN, can be used generally in aviation and civil industrial areas.       Normally CTBN is applied combined with somatotype resin. The CTBN which has active carboxyl-terminated group can react on epoxy resin so as to enhance the toughness.   
2. Usage 
The metallic adhesive made from epoxy resin which is modified by CTBN (acrylonitrile content is 25%), has good toughness, flexibility and fatigue resistance. It can be used to bond the components of plane, as well as organic glass and terylene belt. This adhesive also can be used as seeping adhesive of various cloth materials such as glass fiber, terylene and carbon fiber.
The adhesive which is produced from CTBN and epoxy resin can curing at normal temperature, can be used to bond aluminous materials, it will reach the highest adhesive intensity after 72 hours. The peel- intensity is 0.55MPa, and the cutting intensity is 26.7MPa.  the electric element sealant material  produced by CTBN modified epoxy, which enhance the cracking resistance ,will have no crack after 200 times recycling at the temperature between -55.0℃ to 150℃ . The CTBN can be used as adhesive in grind and cutting wheel, it has the benefits of less adhesive but more abrasion resistance, as well as the performance of  good polish, hot water resistan
3.Technical indicator

Specification  CN-10 CN-10-1 CN-15 CN-20 CN-25
Apperance            Amber Viscous liquid , no visible impurities
Viscosity (40℃,Pa.S)  7~12 7~10 33max 70max 90(70℃)max
Carboxyl value(mmol/g) 0.58~0.65 0.58~0.65 0.43~0.50 0.43~0.50 0.43~0.50
Nitrile group content,% 8.0~12.0 8.0~12.0 12.1~18.0 18.1~22.0 22.1~27.0
Moisture, % 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05
Volatile, % 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0

Package is to use plastic barrels of 180kg, 50kg plastic barrels, and normal chemical product transportation. The product should be kept in ventilative and dry storehouse.