1. Introduction
Carboxyl-terminated liquid polybutadiene rubber is generally called CTPB for short. For there are carboxyl at both ends of the polymeric molecule, this polymer carries on the structurization along the carboxyl group, the distribution of the network is neat and without any free terminal, so it has 
2. Usage 
The product not only can be used in solid rocket propellant, but also can be used in elastomers, adhesives, sealing material, epoxy resin modification and electrical resistant materiasl.
3.Technical indicator

Apperance Brown or light yellow transparent liquid,  no visible impurities
Carboxyl value(mmol/g) 25max 20max
Viscosity (40℃,Pa.S)  0.33~0.42 0.43~0.52
Moisture, % 5.0 max

4. Storage

  1. Package is to use plastic barrels of 180kg, 50kg plastic barrels, and normal chemical product transportation. The product should be kept in ventilative and dry storehouse.