1. Introduction
HTBN is a telechelicoligomer which has main chain of  butadiene and acrolein, with hydroxy molecular chain at end of molecular . HTBN is good macromolecular material and one type of liquid latex series. The molecular structure is as follow: 
2. Usage
For the induce nitrile into the molecular chain, the HTBN has not only the normal  performance of  butadiene but also has oil-proof, conglutination, fatigue resistance and low temperature resistance. The product is transparent ropy liquid with yellow color and no mechanical impurity.
The main usage of the product HTBN is to made use of the performance of hydroxy  reaction with double function group to extend the molecular chain and come into elasticity and long chain polymer. With the rapid development of social economic, the applicable field of  HTBN liquid is expanding: 1. the HTBN has good mechanical performance and can be used as wrapping or insulating layer for solid powder column of missile engine. 2. The HTBN can be used to produce adhesive which can bond rubber, polyester and metal. The advantage of this adhesive is that it can’t  make solvent solidified at normal temperature.    3. Be used to produce erosion resistance material which will be used at acid condition.    4.  To enhance the toughness of epoxy resin as well as improving the performance of epoxy  resin to enhance the aging resistance.
3. Technical indicator

Apperance             achromatous or light yellow, no visible impurities
Hydroxyl value(mmol/g) 0.55~0.75 0.55~0.75 ≥0.40 0.55~0.75
Viscosity (40℃,Pa.S)  20.0 30.0 90.0 15.0
Nitrile group content,% 7.0~13.0 13.0~17.0 18.0~22.0 3.0~7.0
Peroxide value,% 0.08 0.08 0.08 0.08
Moisture, % 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05
Volatile, % 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0