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Zibo Qilong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales, operating as one of the chemical industry, the main productis a liquid rubber and specialty SBR. Zibo Elim co., as a branch company, is engaged in export for all products.
Terminal functional group in the liquid rubber is a butadiene, styrene as the main chain, with the reactive functional groups at both ends of the low molecular weight telechelic polymer. As such functional groups by liquid rubberchain extension reaction, the formation of polymer. This class not only hassolid rubber rubber characteristics, but also as a casting material and sealing materials, liquid rubber are mainly used for elastomers, adhesives, epoxy resins, polyurethane material modification and electrical potting and encapsulating material aspects. Also can be used alone pouring aspect of the tire.
Zibo Qilong Chemical Co., Ltd. produces liquid rubber are: hydroxyl-terminated liquid nitrile rubber, hydroxyl-terminated liquid butadiene rubber, carboxyl-terminated liquid nitrile rubber, carboxyl-terminatedpolybutadiene, hydroxy-terminated polybutadiene, butadiene diene polyether diol chain extender and the liquid rubber reinforcing agent.
SBR is based on butadiene, styrene, acrylic acid and acrylic acid as monomer lipids, soap is taken low, the temperature, the acid or alkaline medium by a radical polymerization initiator, &